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Automated Asynchronous Remote Care Goes Mainstream

Healthcare systems expand clinical reach, increase capacity and improve quality of life with a complete remote patient monitoring solution.

What happens between patient encounters can be as important, if not more important than what happens during an in-person visit, especially for patients with chronic conditions and those transitioning from the hospital to the home. Daily monitoring of symptoms and side effects can help reduce cancer patients' suffering, increase adherence to life-saving treatments and reduce unnecessary visits to the ER. Regular monitoring of vitals for patients with Diabetes, CHF, or Hypertension can help optimize medication dosing and provide early signals of adverse events.

But how can already overloaded care teams keep tabs on those patients who need attention between visits? The answer is a remote patient monitoring solution that can automate workflows to provide help to the patient when appropriate, and flag those that need to be seen whether it is virtually or in person.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How to leverage synchronous and asynchronous patient-generated health data to improve quality outcomes
  • How an RPM platform with built-in automation can improve patient care while positively impacting reimbursement
  • How to deliver a better patient experience with remote care programs