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Customized Remote Care Plans that Increase Capacity and Improve Adherence
Healthcare Isn't One Size Fits All, Your RPM System Shouldn't Be Either

Cardiac rehabilitation significantly improves outcomes following a cardiac event. However, rates of patient adherence to in-person programs are generally low. By allowing patients to exercise wherever and whenever is convenient, Datos Health's remote cardiac rehabilitation program significantly increases patient participation and adherence. Care teams monitor and manage their patients’ exercise plans and progress mostly asynchronously, significantly increasing their capacity while providing patients with customized care plans.

Our user-friendly drag and drop interface facilitates quick and easy deployment of any remote care program; care teams can easily customize one of our turnkey solutions or work with us to build their own care plans without the need for a developer. Our software enables the automation of steps in a care team’s clinical workflow and performs tasks following a decision-tree.

Download this complimentary case study to learn how the Datos Health solution was implemented at University of Rochester to remotely monitor their cardiovascular and heart failure patients for two studies through grants they received: MOVE-LVAD and Optimed GDMT ARM.

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