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AI in Healthcare: Scratching the Surface

Artificial intelligence is an exciting area of technology innovation for healthcare and life sciences. It has spawned some interesting collaborations between healthcare organizations and technology companies, has moved the worlds of health IT and life sciences even closer together, and has led to the creation of startups in health IT and life sciences keen to apply their technology to different pain points in the healthcare industry.

For healthcare providers and payers, AI can be used to automate certain tasks such as helping doctors identify abnormalities on medical images and prior authorization.

Medical device companies are looking at ways to analyze data de-siloed from their devices. Pharma companies have embarked on collaborations to more efficiently identify drug development targets.

But there are also plenty of pitfalls with this technology, which is relatively early in its adoption in the healthcare industry. The quality of the data, the need for transparency in how these algorithms reach their conclusions and its impact on workflows are just a few areas that have prompted discussion.

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