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The Pathway to Precision Medicine

Since 2010, the healthcare industry has seen the rise of targeted therapies that are accompanied by the hope of a cure for certain cancers and other diseases in a higher percentage of patients.

But the rise of gene therapies raises a wide variety of questions. How can medical centers create fertile ground for gene therapy research to spawn the next generation of companies to develop these therapies? What are some of the early stage companies doing in this space and how are established companies bringing these therapies closer to market?

This eBook offers highlights from two sets of conversations on cell and gene therapies. The Penn Center for Innovation hosted a showcase of the latest biotech innovations emerging from Penn and the Perelman School of Medicine. It also spotlights a panel discussion hosted by Deloitte and P4ML, Ireland's first precision medicine company, spanning access to and sharing of patient data, coverage of genome sequencing and the ethical considerations of both.

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